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The Heroin Recovery-Relapse Lifecycle (With Addict Attributes)

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Heroin Addict Personality Traits in the Recovery and Relapse Lifecycle

This slide shows the cycle that Heroin Addicts live in and ensnare their loved ones in as well.  There are essentially two lives being lived in the same body once a person becomes addicted.  This is not the same as Bi-polar where at any time any personality can arise.  This is Dual-Being – there is the being who was born, who is an intelligent, wonderful, genuine, compassionate, giving, and loving being.  Then there is the being that is addicted.  The addicted being is conniving, horrible, angry, deceitful, manipulative, selfish, and hateful.

When the active addict is present, the human being we once knew is not present.  The person you love is not there, and he or she cannot be reached by you or any other person outside of the body.  The only being, other than God, who can communicate with the addict – is the human – who is smothered beneath layers of lies, hate, and anger.  Heroin itself keeps your loved one well-sedated so that he/or she cannot stop the deadly march to overdose.

When your loved one is present, the active heroin addict is not.  The hateful, spiteful liar is not available to anyone on the outside.  Only your loved one can communicate with the active addict who is buried beneath honesty, love, and compassion.  The problem our loved one has is a limited ability to sedate the active addict the way that the active addict sedates your loved one.  This is one reason for relapse – your loved one can still hear the seductive voice of heroin asking only for one more chance – one more chance to be together.  “Let’s get high together, just me and you, just one more time?”

Unfortunately, our loved ones cannot withstand the seduction very often!

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